1972 Ducati Scrambler 450

Designed and produced for the American market  by the end of the 60' s, this bike has a single overhead camshaft with bevel gears and is considered a cult in the bikes history. Scrambler 450 has a very original line and the proportions are well-designed.

Looks great.

Coat and chromium plating are charming still today!

Nimble and light, this bike has well-balanced suspensions and big tyres. The gear is fast, fluid and precise. The only problem, for motorcyclists like we are today, is the position of the pedal on the right side with the gears all inverted (first gear on top). The front drum brake works quite well but does not allow sudden speed-down. The single cylinder engine, designed by the Eng. Fabio Taglioni, is fluid and really powerful. It is a masterpiece of  mechanics. The roar sounds as a  melody.

The frontal reduced dimensions and the large handlebars make this bike extremely manageable in riding even on tortuous ways. Please remember that we will ride across mountains and valleys all the time. The lightness of this bike offers a great acceleration but the limited cubic capacity does not allow excessive high speed. However, if you ride at a tourist rate, it will be fun anyway: you can admire the landscapes with the feeling to be a 60' s Easy Rider and forget all the vibrations.

And all the people will admire this bike!

The kick start does not agree to compromises. Despite the valve lifters lever on the handlebars to make the operation easier, you have to start it with a strong kick.

Boots must be worn! (to avoid any pain).

Scrambler 450 is easy to ride, so there is no need for too much experience and physical presence.

Ladies will like it. Being the gears pedal on the right side means to pay a bit more of attention.

Enjoy your ride!

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