About us

The Club IMOLA VINTAGE GARAGE has been created by the passion of  Fabrizio Savioli and Pietro Casadio Pirazzoli. “We both were borned and growned up in Imola. The famous world circuit Enzo e Dino Ferrari is here in Imola, so our passion for motors is obvious.”

The Club IMOLA VINTAGE GARAGE offers a collection of  bikes dated late seventies to who is interested in making a tour: everyone can live even for one day a leap back into the past. So, call us and choose one of the bikes at your disposal. We will guide you through a charming journey on the roads of Central Italy, passing through old suburbs and amazing views.

Our Idea is to transform a collection of  historical bikes into a dynamic museum that could be usable by everyone. To admire bikes just because they are beautiful is not in our goal. Our goal is to take the bikes on the road again and let people ride them while they enjoy doing it!


It is a child’s dream becoming true. Class 1968: we used those motorcycles as toys! This leap back into the past is not melancholic or nostalgic but instead it is  a game full of emotions, adrenaline and joy for life! Riding these bikes so full of charm we become children again: we forget stress and problems of a life taken sometimes too seriously. Lets rediscover the simple technology  that was used in the 70’s that left time for imagination; in that period each model of bike had his own particular features that defined strong personalities.  All the bikes had their own roars that beat on your heart and make you yell with joy…


We all know that every motorcyclist is extremely jealous of  his bike. However, we believe that a shared experience is really exciting. If you wish, you can ride one of our bikes! We are sure you will have an unforgettable experience and will appreciate our gesture by showing respect for the bikes and decency in riding.


At your disposal a great quantity of bikes all from back in the 70’s, completely overhauled. Go to the section where you can choose the bike you prefer then contact us. All the bikes available are original models from the 70’s: they are carefully repaired and perfectly preserved.


Together we will start the tours  from Imola for a one-day ride or for week-ends, or for more days. We will ride into suggestive roads full of bends that pass through the Apennines. We will discover far-off places by riding at slow rate and we will ride through ways between the old lands of Romagna and Tuscany. During the summer we will organise many tours that will start from the Republic of Saint Marino in the direction of the Adriatic Coast and of  the hinterlands of the Marches, Umbria and Abruzzo. You will discover that this countryside is full of castles and ancient villages!

With passion we will take you to discover our lands rich of History and Culture, with a great gastronomic tradition!